Swedish Massage
30 min - £27
45 min -£32
60 min - £37

Swedish massage uses basic massage techniques. To help relax aching muscles and improve circulation.

Aromatherapy Massage
30 min - £32
60 min - £42

Aromatherapy massage uses a slow and relaxing techniques. To help give you a deep relaxation while using essential oils to suit your needs and moods. 

Hot Stone Massage
30 min - £37
60 min - £47

Hot stones massage is a warm and relaxing treatment to carry your stresses away. We massage with the stones then finish by placing them in areas of tension to give you maximum relaxation.

Indian Head Massage
30 min - £27

Indian head massage works on all major stress areas which are shoulders, neck and head. This is a very invigorating treatment which is good for headaches and migraines.

30 min - £28
60 min - £37
Maternity Reflexology
60 min - £37

Reflexology works on your nervous system to rebalance your body using very small movements on your hands and feet.

Hot Stone Reflexology
60 min - £42
Hand Reflexology
Hand Reflexology
30 min - £27
Hopi Ear Candle
45 min - £34

Hopi ear candle helps calm the mind while removing excess wax from the ears. This is ideal for people with ear problems and is more natural than having your ears syringed. 

30 min - £30
60 min - £40

Reiki is simply about natural energy to help heal you emotionally and physically.

Thai Foot Massage
60 min - £37
Weekly Meditation Session Every Monday at 6:30pm On Zoom
45 min - £5